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I want to thank those who have urged me to find a way to get back on the air. It’s something I really miss and I’d like to add my voice to the national discourse – not to be a ‘radio star’ or for the recognition or even wealth. For me, it’s about making a difference.

There’s a harsh reality that separates us from those who are committed to the unraveling of our republic and replace the rule of law with the desires of the elites.

For the most part, our cause (and I’m speaking here not of me individually, but the goal of smaller, more controlled government that promotes a freer people) is not supported financially, and to this point, this campaign to fund my return to radio is another example.

I’m not complaining or attempting to “shame” – it’s just an observation. I have had enough people ask me to please find a way to be heard again, that I thought, “Well, let’s see if it can get funded.” To date, we haven’t gotten a dime.

That’s OK as it relates to me, but there’s a bigger issue here. I guarantee you that if I were pro-abortion, enthusastic in my support of homosexual and lesbian marriage, and my continual message was “Trump sucks and sucks and sucks and needs to be impeached”, money would be flowing in.

It’s validation of everything we found over a period of ten years doing the nationally-syndicated show.

People think supporting Limbaugh is supporting conservatism, but a discerning ear to Limbaugh’s real message of nothingness beyond “…democrats are bad”, is hardly a conservative message; however, noise is sound and you can’t ignore Limbaugh’s noise.

If I wanted to pass out soccer balls and teddy bears at the border to the children of illegals coming into the country, the money would be raised.

I don’t want to pass out teddy bears, not because I lack compassion, but because I hate the concept of thieving another nation’s population – a population made up of the very people who could make a positive difference in their own country. How can anything change for the better, when we are “stealing” another country’s “dreamers”? Wasn’t it the dream of our Founders that created our country and its unique approach to self-governance?

You want to dream a big dream? Bring it to life in your own country is my message, but the opportunity for that message to be heard is not supported, so the globalists win, while shaming Americans who should know better that somehow our country lacks the desire to include. The proper role of government is protection – first of the rights of the people, and then the security of the country – from illegal entry, attack, and anarchy.

I want to stress that this isn’t about me. It’s about a much bigger problem of support for that which is good standing silent as that which is bad is exhalted and cheered on.


Like this content? Want to hear it on the air? You can help by contributing to my “Get Jim back on the air” campaign. To make a donation, go to:

It doesn’t take you giving a lot. It takes a lot giving a little and we’re back on the air, carrying the message of accountability from those who make the country happen to those who just don’t care about what they’re doing to the country, as long as they’re becoming enriched in the process.

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